Reviews from present and former clients.


"Meg was awesome! Very relaxed, confident and fun! She really helped to make it a relaxing morning, plus she made me feel/look so pretty! She really listened to my notes/ideas and pics about how I wanted my hair. I never felt like she had another agenda. Meg is the BEST! Plus she is free-lance so she is more available and maybe that's why she is so zen!"  Shell

"Meghan was amazing to work with for my wedding hair! First, I love that she uses non-chemical based products, and second, she has a great vibe about her that put me at ease. I picked her because of the amazing updos I saw on her webpage, and it was well worth it! We did a hair trial the month before that came out even better day of!! She even worked in some delicate flowers that my grandmother had worn for her wedding. I got lots of compliments on my and my bridesmaids hair, I would hire her again for sure!" Stephanie

"Thank you so much for making the trip to the wedding! It was such a treat to have you doing our hair that morning. You have just the perfect temperament to keep everyone calm and relaxed. And the styles were stunning! I absolutely loved the faux braid you gave me; I can't believe you pulled that off with a pixie. You're an artist."  Meaghan

"Thank you for the kindness you showed me on Tuesday.  Your passion for your job really showed through the way you listened to me and the way you treated me.  The extra time you took to show me how to style my hair and to use the products was much appreciated.  I walked out with a smile on my face and couldn't wait to show off my new look.  Thank you!!"  Lynda

"Facebook LOVES my new hair, and I do too! :)"  Amanda

"I just had my first appointment with Meghan today and my hair is AMAZING!  She told me all the tricks on making my hair healthy and exactly the hair I have always wanted!  Hands down she will be the only person to touch my hair!! I am in love with my hair!"  Lisa

"I refer to Meghan as my personal hair goddess.  She's been cutting and coloring my hair for over five years and you won't find anyone better than her.  She's so good that when I lives in Washington, DC I made sure that my business trips to MN included a cut and color with Meghan.  Meghan Listens to her clients but also isn't afraid to tell you what would look best on you and, she's always right.  I can't tell you how many times people stop me and ask me who does my hair.  My hair has two distinct eras--the before Meghan era and the WOW after Meghan era.  I'm never going back to the pre-Meghan era.  She rocks!"  Lisa B.

"I am one of the many supporters of Meghan and have enjoyed watching her career continue to grow in the salon setting and expand to theater and various other settings styling hair.  If you are looking for a stylist that is conscious about YOUR needs not the trends, timely, super awesome as a person and colors phenomenally Meghan Brown is your gal!  I have always walked out feeling 100% satisfied with my look.  Meghan will continue to fine tune your cut until you are totally satisfied with the final outcome.  Meghan Brown ROCKS!"  Melissa W. 

"Meghan Brown, is talented, a perfectionist, and an all-around lovely person. Now that I've been seeing her for several years, she and I have had the opportunity to work through a lot of cuts and colors--always striving to find the perfect cut and color to match up with my "look" and personality at the time. I love how versatile she is--she can do everything from giving you show-stopping rock-star hair to J. Crew model hair. And she wants her clients to be happy. In all the years I've seen her, I think there's been only one time I wasn't 100% pleased with the outcome, and she got me right back in to the salon, took another stab at it, and it turned out cuter than ever! She's also a great listener--if you say you want something that will grow out well and be low maintenance, she will make sure that is exactly what you get. If you bring pictures and say, "I like this and this, but NOT this and this," she'll make sure she does or doesn't do whatever you've requested. Although this may seem like a thing that all stylists/colorists should do, they don't! I've found that Meghan stands out in this way.  This place isn't really near where I live (in EP), but Meghan makes it worth the drive. And did I mention how awesome she is? If you're a music/film nut like I am, you'll adore her for that too. :-)"  Kim M.

"Meghan is THE BEST - she is both a great colorist and her cuts are excellent.  I started going to her when Beauty Room first opened.   My first time going to her, I asked her honest opinion of my cut and my hair.  She was straightforward with me and so I immediately knew I could trust her.   I have trusted her ever since and I am always very pleased with the results.  A few more details: I started with a short bob and now have long hair.  I never  once had an awkward stage while growing it out.  Meghan stays on top of latest cutting and color techniques - she gives me a style that both keeps me up-to-date and yet professional which I need for my work.  And, last but not least, she is just an all around great person who is great fun to talk to when you are in the chair.  Can't recommend her enough."  Lisa N.